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SteraLux AREA

LED-light for outdoor locations and large indoor locations

SteraLux AREA LED-lights are made in Finland. They are energy efficient and environmentally friendly solutions especially when lighting large areas. SteraLux AREA lights are easy to install and they have a long life span. You can install them at new sites or replace your current lighting soutions. We give our lights both  5-year product guarantee and 2-year STUL-guarantee.

We customise the lighting according to your needs. You can modify features like beam angle, control systems, colour temperature, and mounting method. We provide lighting as a total solution, as we also offer design and installation services. We can also recycle your old lighting devices.

We only use the best components and we make the electronical components ourselves. Our long experience in electronic manufacturing guarantees that our products are of high quality. Please use our product search or contact us to find a suitable lighting solution.

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