SteraLux lights are manufactured from high-quality components in Finland.

  • Reliable and professional partner for LED lightning

  • Stera Technologies Oy

    Stera Group has specialized in serial production of mechanics and electronics for over 60 years and now Stera is focusing on LED lights.

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  • AD-Lux Oy

    AD-Lux has specialized in lightning designs and trading for over 20 years. SteraLux lights provides a solution for companies common lightning needs; offices, industrial premises, warehouses, streets and outdoor areas.

  • SteraLux Lights

    High-quality products made in Finland. The latest LED lightning technology quarantees customer satisfaction.

  • Energy-efficient lightning solutions:

    • Lightning

      is well design and implemented

    • Lights

      are energy-efficient and they are suitable for the premises

    • Advanced lights controls

      is designed for the correct premises

    • End-users

      have been guided, a maintenance service has been planned and followed precisely.

  • How we work

    1. A survey of the lightning
    2. Lightning design
    3. Presenting the solution
    4. Installation
    5. Ensuring maximum customer satisfaction

Contact our sales team

  • Pekka Orne AD-Lux Oy

    Pekka Orne, Managing Director
    Tel. +358 400 284 571

  • Jyrki Aaltonen AD-Lux Oy

    Jyrki Aaltonen
    Project manager

    Tel. +358 44 727 1622

  • Juho Haapasalo AD-Lux Oy

    Juho Haapasalo
    Project manager

    Tel. +358 44 740 3025

  • Samuli Sarlin

    Samuli Sarlin
    Project manager

    Tel. +358 44 713 5155
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  • Ville Orne

    Ville Orne
    Technical Support Engineer

    Tel. +358 44 713 5995
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